Manage it all from one location

We make managing wireless infrastructure easy. Reach a new level with our online management system.  Track every device, activity, deployment, directly cloud deployed management single pane of glass to manage every aspect. We deliver a turn-key single image kubernetes platform for deployments that scale. Building your own network is simple with our full end-to-end network solution. From licensed spectrum, to custom designed hardware, to network management software, we have all the components you need for your own network. Integration with OpenRAN coming soon!

Telecom, WISP Provider, Enterprise Wireless, Government, Military, Law Enforcement, We have your solution.

Complete Wireless Management

Track and manage every device, 80211AX Wifi 6/7 2.4/5.8/6 Ghz Triple radio get stats, coverage maps, utilize all radio and CPE configuration. Uncover new ways to manage all aspects of your wireless mesh home routers. Our complete Management platform Includes features like multi-AP MESH, Parental Control, Cyber Security, Device fingerprinting, IOT, Speed Test, Cameras, QOS, QOE, Radio Resource Management, Fast Roaming and built-in VPN, and even 5G CPE capable devices. All the applications are bundled and much more are included. Supports 250,000+ devices in a single server.

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Tri-Radio Wi-Fi 6E 7779 Mbps Indoor AP.

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Wi-Fi 6 Quad-Radio 11.622 Gbps High-Density Outdoor Access Point, 10Gbps SFP+ Port

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5G Tower Node

Provides strong, wide coverage for outdoor spaces, whether it’s your farm, small community, or local park. Can support a couple of hundreds of people.

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We create the perfect
tailored solution for you

From Providers with millions of devices to enterprise deployments in multiple venues,  to a single home residential/business. 

We don't worry about how large or small, We can enable you to manage it all effortlessly

Telecom Providers, Commercial, Industrial, IOT, Security, Residential

We provide the tool and utilities to manage and monitor all aspects of your deployment

Everything you need.

5G capable, 80211AX Wifi 6/6E/7 triple radio solutions to meet the demands of todays 2.4/5.8 and 6 Ghz frequencies CPE, also PON, DSL, and even Switches  are manageable from our single cloud based solution.

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Quantum-Safe Secured

Coming soon! Quantum-Safe enabled firmware for all your communications,

All communications, including ssh and VPN.

All in one

All applications are included in the firmware and can be managed from our cloud management solution.

Easy to use

Nothing is easier to manage your complete deployed wireless infrastructure.

Design, Development & Deployment of Wireless

Not only do we provide a managed cloud portal to manage all aspects of your deployed infrastructure, we do Design, Development and Deployments

It all starts with the customer – We find out what they want and give it to them.

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Different aspects of configuration

SSID, MESH, 5G, Analytics, QOE, Fast Roaming and more...!

Different Devices from

5G, CPE, PON, DSL, Switch Fabrics

User Applications

Parental Control, Cyber Security, Fingerprinting, Speed Test, IOT, VPN, Cameras, Password Manager, QOS, Fleet Tracking, Video Surveillance, Solar Monitoring and more

Central Management Platform

Our mission

Provide a turn-key management platform to provide essential management, configuration and reporting for all your deployed infrastructure. Residential Provider, Enterprise Wireless, Government, Military, Law Enforcement, We have your solution.

Our values

We know telecom is hard, managing 10s of thousands or millions of devices for a company can be difficult with multi-vendor solutions.

Our team

Composed of 25 people from 28 to 60 years, we’re a young and dynamic company. We have open positions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Millions of Devices?, Easily manage all aspects of them with our cloud management solution.